Fundación Pro Alvear – Social Programs in Argentine’s Pampas Region

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Fundación Pro Alvear


Manuel Maximino is a respected financial leader who engages with Deutsche Bank in New York as head of Latin American derivatives and fixed income trading. Passionate about polo as a hobby, Manuel Maximino supports the community-focused efforts of the Fundación Pro Alvear, which include an annual charity polo event held at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez.

The Foundation has a core focus on improving aspects of education and social and economic development within Argentina’s Pampas region. The organization has enabled the creation of numerous sciences laboratories, sports and music academies, and IT Community Centers. The latter centers are designed to bring together local children, including at-risk youth, and provide computer access.

The Foundation also maintains organic vegetable gardens at a number of regional schools. These not only provide children with hands on agricultural knowledge, but produce food that goes to help feed families in need throughout the local area. Fundación Pro Alvear is additionally spearheading a number of roadside forest regeneration projects throughout the Pampas region.