Edeyo Assists Needy Populations in Jeremie, Haiti

Edeyo  pic
Image: edeyo.org

An experienced banking and financial services professional, Manuel Maximino has served as a Managing Director with the New York City offices of Deutsche Bank since 2004. Outside of the professional arena, Manuel Maximino supports a number of community organizations and charitable nonprofits, including Edeyo.

Based in New York City, Edeyo is primarily committed to supporting educational programs for underprivileged children in Haiti. In times of crisis, Edeyo also spearheads a variety of humanitarian efforts.

After Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti in October of 2016, Edeyo sprang into action with a targeted relief initiative. By the end of the month, the organization’s supplies team reached the outskirts of Jeremie in southwestern Haiti. Upon arrival, Edevo representatives distributed clothes, medical provisions, drinking water, and small quantities of food to hundreds of local people. To provide continuing access to clean water, Edeyo also passed out free water purifiers.

Despite the best intentions of the Edeyo team, it could not feed or deliver needed supplies to everyone. Edeyo plans to return to the area in the near future to provide additional goods and services and address residents’ ongoing needs.


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