The American Ballet Theatre Helps Students Understand the Arts

American Ballet Theatre pic
American Ballet Theatre

Manuel Maximino serves as managing director of Deutsche Bank in New York. In this capacity, he oversees fixed income trading and structured assets in Latin American markets. Outside of his professional duties, Manuel Maximino strongly appreciates culture and the arts. He accordingly supports the American Ballet Theatre and its work around the globe.

The American Ballet Theatre is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier dance companies. It is notable in the United States for being the only major cultural force to tour the nation, raising awareness and helping to inspire young dancers.

Education and training efforts make up a good deal of the American Ballet Theatre’s ongoing work. The company recognizes the many benefits that participation in the arts brings to young people, such as improved school performance and social interaction. To help students understand and appreciate ballet, the American Ballet Theatre operates Ballet for the New Audience workshops in elementary schools across the US.

In these workshops, students learn to understand how dance can be used to communicate time, space, and energy. Kids learn not only about dance but also about creative thinking and the arts. The workshops end with a live performance by professional ballet dancers, which parents and families are welcome to attend.


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