The Basics of Behavioral Economics


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Behavioral Economics

An experienced financial services professional, Manuel Maximino has held multiple senior administrative posts with offices of Deutsche Bank in both New York City and London. He currently heads structured and fixed-income trading in Latin America as a managing director. Both inside and outside of the professional arena, one of Manuel Maximino’s interests is behavioral economics.

Within the field of decision theory, behavioral economics applies the science of psychology to the economic decisions made by people and organizations. Behavioral economists ask two fundamental questions: First, do economists’ assumptions about profit maximization mirror the behavior of real people? And second, how do consumers perceive specific economic opportunities in the presence of economic risk (a phenomenon identified in decision theory as “subjective expected utility”)?

Behavioral economics places a specific focus on explaining why consumers make irrational decisions and exhibit irrational behavior that deviates from the predictions of established economic models. Notable behavioral economists include the Nobel laureates Gary Becker, George Akerlof, Herbert Simon, and Daniel Kahneman.


Edeyo Assists Needy Populations in Jeremie, Haiti

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An experienced banking and financial services professional, Manuel Maximino has served as a Managing Director with the New York City offices of Deutsche Bank since 2004. Outside of the professional arena, Manuel Maximino supports a number of community organizations and charitable nonprofits, including Edeyo.

Based in New York City, Edeyo is primarily committed to supporting educational programs for underprivileged children in Haiti. In times of crisis, Edeyo also spearheads a variety of humanitarian efforts.

After Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti in October of 2016, Edeyo sprang into action with a targeted relief initiative. By the end of the month, the organization’s supplies team reached the outskirts of Jeremie in southwestern Haiti. Upon arrival, Edevo representatives distributed clothes, medical provisions, drinking water, and small quantities of food to hundreds of local people. To provide continuing access to clean water, Edeyo also passed out free water purifiers.

Despite the best intentions of the Edeyo team, it could not feed or deliver needed supplies to everyone. Edeyo plans to return to the area in the near future to provide additional goods and services and address residents’ ongoing needs.

Deutsche Bank Graduate Program

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Graduate Program

Prior to entering the field of financial management, Manuel Maximino attended the Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2003. In 2004, Manuel Maximino entered the training program for the Deutsche Bank London.

Prior to entering the field of financial management, Manuel Maximino attended the University of San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina, receiving a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2003. In 2004 Manuel Maximino entered a Deutsche Bank training program in London.

Providing prospective employees with a look into a future with the company, Deutsche Bank offers a variety of training programs. One, the Deutsche Bank Graduate Program, includes an introduction to transaction banking, asset management, and investment banking.

The Deutsche Bank Graduate Program provides participants with a look at Deutsche Bank’s company vision, industry product and technology knowledge, and networking opportunities to build business relationships. Additionally, the hands-on, interactive experience allows participants to work with and learn from their peers.

Deutsche Bank looks for applicants who are open to challenges and adaptable to a variety of situations. Those who take part in the program are chosen for their excellent academic record, as well as proven leadership and problem-solving capabilities.

American Ballet Theatre – Young Dancer Summer Workshop

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American Ballet Theatre

Manuel Maximino has served as the Managing Director of Deutsche Bank in New York City since 2004, overseeing structured and fixed-income trading for the bank in Latin America. His successful career has allowed Manuel Maximino to contribute to many of his favorite organizations, including the American Ballet Theatre.

The American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is a collaboration of passionate people who work as a family and are committed to providing the best dance programs they can produce. ABT also focuses on training young people for a future in dance through the Young Dancer Summer Workshop. The workshop is designed for young dancers age 9 through 12 who are serious about developing their talents in a nurturing environment.

The Young Dancer Summer Workshop focuses on developing a solid foundation of skills while teaching the students about dance history, ballet technique, etiquette, and nutrition. The workshop requires an audition for program participants, which can be conducted in person or via video.

The American Ballet Theatre Helps Students Understand the Arts

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American Ballet Theatre

Manuel Maximino serves as managing director of Deutsche Bank in New York. In this capacity, he oversees fixed income trading and structured assets in Latin American markets. Outside of his professional duties, Manuel Maximino strongly appreciates culture and the arts. He accordingly supports the American Ballet Theatre and its work around the globe.

The American Ballet Theatre is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier dance companies. It is notable in the United States for being the only major cultural force to tour the nation, raising awareness and helping to inspire young dancers.

Education and training efforts make up a good deal of the American Ballet Theatre’s ongoing work. The company recognizes the many benefits that participation in the arts brings to young people, such as improved school performance and social interaction. To help students understand and appreciate ballet, the American Ballet Theatre operates Ballet for the New Audience workshops in elementary schools across the US.

In these workshops, students learn to understand how dance can be used to communicate time, space, and energy. Kids learn not only about dance but also about creative thinking and the arts. The workshops end with a live performance by professional ballet dancers, which parents and families are welcome to attend.

How to Read Classic Literature for the First Time

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Classic Literature

As a managing director at Deutsche Bank in New York, Manuel Maximino is responsible for Latin America structured and fixed income trading. Away from work, Manuel Maximino is an ardent reader, and his favorite fiction reads are mostly literature classics.

To get into reading literary classics, it helps if readers make a list of books that they want to start with. Given the large body of classic literature, it can be daunting to choose which ones to start with. A good way to for beginners to narrow down the choices would be to look through listicles made by news sites like Time Magazine and The Telegraph.

There are different types of genres of classic books as well. There are theater classics like Shakespeare’s work, science-fiction classics like 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, and many more. Before choosing which book to start on, readers should consider the subjects that interest them the most, perhaps by looking at the themes of the contemporary books they’ve enjoyed.

Edeyo Funds Schools for Underserved Haitian Children

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Edeyo Funds Schools

Financial professional Manuel Maximino serves as a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank in New York, New York. In addition to his professional duties, which entail overseeing structured and fixed income trading in Latin American markets, Manuel Maximino contributes to several organizations that support underprivileged children, including the local charity Edeyo.

Edeyo is a New York-based charity devoted to serving the needs of children in Haiti. The name itself comes from the Haitian Creole word that means “help them” – fitting because so many Haitian children are in need of assistance. Edeyo focuses on the Bel Air neighborhood near Port-au-Prince, one of the most underserved parts of Haiti.

Because education is generally so underfunded in the area, Edeyo makes its greatest contributions in the form of schools. The organization rents two buildings in the slums of Bel Air, using them to host a kindergarten and a primary school. Students at these schools receive free tuition and the chance to access a previously unavailable education.